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A.A. Book of the Car 2nd Edt.1974. 8 chapters covering everything from How a Car Works, Maintenance, Driving Tips to Fault Finding. 440 pp. Fine, laminated board covers.  £5.00

Derek Bell My Racing LifeBell/Henry 1988. 1st edition. 1986 World Sportscar Champion and 5 time Le Mans winner, Bells's 20 year career in top line motorsport is covered in this entertaining & forthright book.206pp. Fine in fine, clipped dw. Fading to spine. £SOLD

British Racing Hero from Moss to Mansell - Allsop1990 A tribute to the drivers who have put Britain at the forefront of motor racing from 1950 to 1990. 176pp, fine in fine dw. £8.00

Cars in My Life - Bentley 1962. W.O. Bentley's stories of significant cars with which he was involved, his thoughts on car design and other figures in the motor industry. 156 pp, no dw. Good condition. Silver lettering on green boards with Bentley logo on front cover. Owner's inscription on flyleaf. Included is an article from Sunday Express Sept 1968 marking W.O.'s 80th birthday. £SOLD

Bugatti Story- L'Ebe Bugatti 1967. The story of an engineering genius as told by his daughter. Cars, racing achievements etc. Appendices include details of all Bugatti types built at Molsheim from 1899 to 1951. Illustrated with numerous photographs. 206pp good condition. Dw rubbed on edges but now in plastic sleeve. Owners inscription on flyleaf.  £SOLD

Certain Sound - Wyer 1981. First edition of this classic motor racing book. Wyer describes life as a team manager for Aston Martin in the 1950s  Ford's all conquering GT40 in the 60s and finally the Gulf Porsche team.254 pp, large format. Fine in fine dw. £SOLD

Classic Cars 1945-1975- Buckley 2000  Cars made between 1945 and 1975. Profusely illustrated with high quality full color photographs. 256pp fine large format soft back. £2.50

Jaguar E -Type Portrait of a Design Icon - Smale 2007. The quintessential sports car of its day, the E-type was developed from the line of Jaguar racing cars. This is a detailed study of the design of the car, with contributions from past and present Jaguar designers .Profusely illustrated. 222 pp, fine in fine dw.£SOLD

E-Type End of an Era - Harvey 1985. Updated edition, featuring history, biography, anecdotes and technical chapters. Also covers restoration and modification guide. 250pp Fine in fine dw. £5.00

Formula 1 Decades - Tiple1996. An illustrated history of Grand Prix Champions from Farina to Schumacher.160pp Fine in fine dw£5.00

Four Wheel Drift - Lawrence 1994. Drawing from the famous LAT photographic files, the book presents a collection of great racing images from 1945 to 1959. All the significant cars and drivers of the era are captured in action shots and portraits along with a summary of the motorsport highlights from each year. 142pp softback, fine. £5.00

Foggy  - Autobiography of Carl Fogarty - Fogarty 2000. Unique insight into the life of the Superbike legend. 208pp fine in fine dw. £2.50

Goodwood The Sussex Motor Racing Circuit - Garnier 1980. A photographic record of motor racing at this famous circuit from 1948-1966. 120pp fine in fine dw. £SOLD

Grand Prix Greats - Roebuck 1986. A personal appreciation of 25 famous drivers from Chris Amon to Gilles Villeneuve. Each driver's chapter is accompanied by a full colour portrait by Craig Warwick. Foreword by Murray Walker. 216pp fine in fine dw. £3.00

Glory of Goodwood - Lawrence, Taylor & Nye 1999. Fabulous large format volume which tells the story of the Sussex circuit from 1948 to its closure and then the first Revival in 1998. Contains full results records from every race. Profusely illustrated. 288pp fine in fine dw. £20.00

Motor Racing at Goodwood in the Sixties - Gardiner  2002. 190 photographs from the author's personal archive capture the atmosphere of the circuit on track and in the paddock .Covers the period from 1961 to 1966. 95pp fine in fine printed board covers.  £SOLD

Only Here for the Beer - Gerry Marshall. - Walton 1978 1st edition. One of British motor racing's great characters, Gerry Marshall is forever associated with the V8 engined 'Big Bertha ' and 'Baby Bertha' Vauxhalls, he was successful in a range of other machines. This is the rare 1st edition hardback not to be confused with the paperback tribute edition produced after his death. 157pp fine in fine dw.£SOLD

History of Motor Racing - Boddy 1977. Comprehensive coverage of the sport by the former editor of Motor Sport magazine. Many illustrations including artwork by Crosby, Helck and Turner. Includes chapter on LSR attempts, diagrams of major international circuits and list of race winners.312pp fine in fine dw.  £3.00

Champion Year Mike Hawthorn - Hawthorn 1989. Mike Hawthorn's own account of his 1958 championship season. The book was completed only days before his death in a road accident. This is the Aston Publications edition. 192pp fine in fine dw.  £10.00

Driving Ambition Alan Jones - -Jones/Bosford  1981. The career of the Australian world champion from early racing experiences in Australia to driving for the Williams Grand Prix team. 170pp fine in fine dw.  £SOLD

Stirling Moss's Motor Racing Masterpieces - Moss/Hilton  1994. A personal selection of the best in motor racing literature as selected by Sir Stirling Moss.284. Owner's inscription. Soft back, fine.  £5.00

Stirling Moss - My Cars, My Career - Moss/Nye  1988. The title says it all!  Foreword by Juan Manuel Fangio. Includes full list of Moss's racing record.302pp Fine in fine dw  £8.00

Wheelspin - May 1945. 1st edition of this motorsport classic. Describes the author's adventures in trials competitions from 1932 to 1939.  Good but no dw, boards slightly rubbed. 174pp  £SOLD

More Wheelspin - May 1948. The author's second book on the subject of trials. Covers 1945 to 1947. 192pp.Owners inscription. Good in slightly worn dw but now in protective sleeve.  £SOLD

The Other Bentley Boys - Nagle  1964. 1st edition (Harrap) Inside stories of the big races and leading drivers based on the recollections of four key players: 'Nobby' Clarke, Walter Hassan, Leslie Pennal and Wally Saunders. Owner's inscription. 204pp. Good in original but damaged dw now in protective sleeve.£SOLD

Pride of Bentleys - Adams & Roberts  1978. Large format book which documents every Bentley ever made. Detailed specifications for each model with extra information  on significant vehicles. Profusely illustrated, many colour    photographs. 224pp fine in fine dw. £SOLD

Poetry in Motion - Brooks 2012 Autobiography of the great F1 and sportscar driver. Profusely illustrated. 276pp fine in fine dw.  £SOLD

Passion for Speed - Abecassis  2010. Lavish production from PJ Publishing. Abecassis was a successful amateur racing driver who founded HWM along with John Heath and drove for the Aston Martin sportscar team at Le Mans and the Mille Miglia. He also had a distinguished military career in WWII. Large format book, profusely illustrated. 412pp fine in fine dw£SOLD

Private Motor Car Collections of Great Britain - Hugo 1973. Car by car description of more than twenty private collections throughout the U.K. Illustrated with over300 black & white photographs.207pp fine in fine dw. £SOLD

Racing Cars Masterpieces of Engineering - Tipler  2000. Covering single seaters, Touring Cars, Nascar and Sports/GT cars. 30 full colour art works, detailed cut-away drawings and over 170 photographs with full specification charts. 173pp fine in fine dw. £5.00

Racing at Crystal Palace - Parfitt  1991. A history of motorsport at the London race track between 1927 and 1972. 128pp Softback fine£SOLD

Ronnie Peterson Super Swede - Henry  1978. Biography of the man described as one of the fastest drivers in the sport. This is the updated version published after his death at Monza in the 1978 Italian GP. 200pp softback, good.  £SOLD

Schlumpf Obsession - Jenkinson/  Verstappen  1978. The Schlumpf brothers built up an industrial empire and used their wealth to amass a huge collection of cars. Their hoard was only accessible to a select few until their business collapsed. The book covers the background story of the brothers and then goes on to describe in detail the cars in the collection. Profusely illustrated. 189pp fine in fine dw. £SOLD

Roy Salvadori Racing Driver - Salvadori  1985. Autobioigraphy of one of the great British drivers of the 50s and 60s. He drove a variety of machinery from Connaughts to Aston martins and Coopers and was the racing manager for the Cooper-Maserati F1 team.249pp fine in fine dw.  £SOLD

Volkswagen Golf GTi Enthusiast's Companion - Hutton  1985. A book for everyone who owns, or would like to own, a VW Golf Gti. Covers the development of the car, maintenance, modifying and tuning. 112pp fine in printed board covers. £5.00

VW Power and Style -  Kuah 1991. *Signed Copy* The design, development, tuning and modificatioin guide to the Golf, Rabbit, Jetta, Scirocco and Corrado models. Signed and dedicated by the author. 192pp fine in printed board covers.£SOLD

Villeneuve - Donaldson 1989. Definitive biography of the legendary racing driver Gilles Villeneuve. 352pp fine in fine dw. £SOLD

Rob Walker - Cooper-Evans 1993. Walker was a private entrant who manged to beat the factory F1 teams no less than 9 times in the 50s and 60s. He provided cars for several of the top drivers - including Rolt, Collins, Brooks and Brabham but most famously for Stirling Moss.  wealth of racing stories illustrated with many photographs from Walker's private collection. Large format. 272pp fine in slightly rubbed dw.  £SOLD

50 Years of British Grand Prix Drivers - Scherer  1999.  Driver summary, career record and GP statistics are provided for the 137 British drivers who competed in Grand Prix between 1950 and 1999 -from Abecassis to Williamson. Includes many rare black & white photographs. 234pp fine in fine dw. £8.00